Internet Safety Show for Primary Schools

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What's it about?

The show will tackle this sometimes difficult topic in a gentle, light-hearted manner.

This is a great way to introduce the topic to primary school children – and let them know the simple ways to enjoy the internet safely.

The show tackles the key internet safety issues:

Who can see your messages?

Who is sending you messages?

By comparing other forms of communication (including smoke signals, letters, telephones and shouting), children explore who can see their messages and who is sending them messages.

The show covers emailing, instant messaging, social networks and online gaming, not giving out private information, identifying spam, getting adults involved.

What's it like?

This show is one of our series of comedy lectures.

Imagine Laurel and Hardy trying to present a serious scientific lecture and you can probably imagine what will happen.
The problems of internet safety and the ways to deal with it are explained in a visual and entertaining style.

Is there a teachers pack?

Each show is accompanied by a Teachers Pack suggesting follow up ideas and activities.

What age group is the show suitable for?

Key Stage 2. Children aged 7-11 years.

How Long is it?

40 minutes

What do the school need to provide?

There are no technical requirements, so we just need a performing area like a school hall floor and some children!

How long does it take to set up?

It takes us 30 minutes to set up.


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