Energy Show for Primary Schools

Watts Up?

“The whole school were captivated and involved with the performance. A great example of laugh and learn. It is a while since I saw so many teachers laughing until they had to wipe their eyes. Great stuff.”
- Perse School, Cambridge

What's it about?

Electricity – How to Save Energy – Using an Energy Monitor – Insulation – Fuels – Pollution. (Also Measuring and Tables)


Using an electricity monitor, we will show children how much electricity different appliances use: eg a computer, a kettle, lights, low energy light bulbs.
Then we’ll show you how you can easily save energy around the school and at home.
For key stage 2, we’ll also explain about electricity as a fuel, how electricity is produced and a little bit about climate change.

This show can be used as part of our “Knock it Off!” challenge. Schools can compete against each other to save the most electricity over a week.
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What's it like?

This show is one of our series of acclaimed comedy lectures.
Think of Laurel and Hardy trying to present a serious scientific lecture and you can probably imagine what will happen.
By using a visual and entertaining style, children can really get to grips with any unfamiliar concepts. This show covers a number of National Curriculum topics for science, geography, English and numeracy.

Is there a teachers pack?

Each show is accompanied by a Teachers Pack suggesting follow up ideas and activities.

What age group is the show suitable for?

Key Stage 1 and 2. Children aged 5-11 years.
(The Key Stage 1 show is a very simple version, about saving energy.)

How Long is it?

Key Stage 1: 30 minutes
Key Stage 2: 45 minutes.

What do the school need to provide?

A performing area - like a school hall floor
Access to an electric plug socket.

How long does it take to set up?

It takes us 30 minutes to set up.


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