Car-less Talk!

"It was extremely well done. Very, very funny. All that laughter and
yet, as we said, the message still got through. I was wondering just how
on earth it was going to go and it was perfect."
– Orchard School, Milton Keynes

"As a school it is always difficult to know what standard of production
you are buying into unless you have a personal recommendation from
someone who has seen a show themselves. I am now able to
recommend your company wholeheartedly to any school."
– Three Oaks Primary School, Telford

What's it about?

This show contains infomation about road safety, school travel plans and sustainable transport.
The show can be adapted to your priorities.
Content includes: the benefits of walking and cycling to school – the effects of car pollution – pubic transport - car sharing – road safety - climate change.

What's it like?

This show is one of our series of acclaimed comedy lectures.

Imagine Laurel and Hardy trying to present a serious scientific lecture and you can probably imagine what will happen.
The problems of pollution and road safety and the benefits of cycling and walking are explained in a visual and entertaining style. This show covers a number of National Curriculum topics for science, geography and English.

Is there a teachers pack?

Each show is accompanied by a Teachers Pack suggesting follow up ideas and activities.

What age group is the show suitable for?

Key Stage 1 & 2.
Children aged 5-11 years.

How Long is it?

Key Stage 1 Show: 30 minutes.
Key Stage 2 or combined age groups: 45 minutes.

What do the school need to provide?

There are no technical requirements, so we just need a performing area like a school hall floor and some children!

How long does it take to set up?

It takes us 30 minutes to set up.

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