You’ve Made a Meal of That!

“An excellent, amusing and informative performance.”
- Gotherington Primary, Tewkesbury

“Informative, engaging, strong message.”
- Joseph Cash School, Warwickshire

What's it about?

Where food comes from – how the body uses it – the five main food groups – the need for a balanced diet.

What's it like?

This show is one of our series of acclaimed comedy lectures.

Imagine Laurel and Hardy trying to present a serious scientific lecture and you can probably imagine what will happen.

Children are shown why the body needs a balanced and varied diet. Spiced up with our unique blend of humour and education, this show is a perfect accompaniment to any school’s campaign to encourage healthier eating.

Is there a teachers pack?

Each show is accompanied by a Teachers Pack suggesting follow up ideas and activities.

What age group is the show suitable for?

Key Stage 1 & 2.
Children aged 5-11 years.

How Long is it?

Key Stage 1 Show: 30 minutes.
Key Stage 2 or combined age groups: 45 minutes.

What do the school need to provide?

There are no technical requirements, so we just need a performing area like a school hall floor and some children!

How long does it take to set up?

It takes us 30 minutes to set up.


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